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The 12 industry leaders who are featured in the video are included below…

  • Illy Gruber, VP Marketing, Percepto

  • Jim Williams, President, JHW Unmanned Solutions LLC

  • Tony Cinson, Senior Technical Leader, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

  • Suzanne Lemieux, Manager, Midstream, American Petroleum Institute (API)

  • Scott McGowan, CEO, Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions

  • Sean Guerre, Director, Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition

  • Matt Dunlevy, President & CEO, Skyscopes

  • Eileen Lockhart, UAS Program Manager, Xcel Energy

  • Kevin McGlaughlin, Senior EH&S Specialist, Hess Oil

  • Jesse Stepler, Chief Strategy Officer, Measure

  • Andrew Hernandez, Strategy & Operations, Commercial UAS Solutions, Harris Corporation

  • Michael Clatworthy, UAS Operations Director, Avitas Systems

  • Illy Gruber, VP Marketing, Percepto

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Get access now to the 11 Energy Drone & Robotics Summit Keynote videos, including:

Keynote - Oil & Gas Asset Owners Roundtable: UAV Programs Update, with Landon Phillips, Co-Founder, COO - DataWing Global; George Williamson, SETA Inspection, Testing and Commissioning Team - BP America, Upstream Engineering Centre; Mark Hutcherson, Director, Operations Excellence - ConocoPhillips; Barrett Walker, Sr. ECM Business Analyst, sUAS Program Manager - Cheniere; Larry Barnard, UAS Governance - Chevron; Martin Robinson, Global Robotics Systems Engineer - Dow

Keynote - Managing an Energy UAV Program at Scale: Real ROI, with Assel Ayapova, Global Drone Program Manager - AES and Brandon Torres Declet, CEO & Co-Founder - Measure

Keynote - Enterprise-Level Energy UAV Program: Building the Technical and Business Case, with Wayne Rodieck, Corporate Spatial Data Manager - Anadarko

Keynote - API Guide to Developing an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program: Official Release & Roll Out, with Suzanne Lemieux, Manager, Midstream - American Petroleum Institute 

Keynote - Power/Utilities Asset Owners Roundtable: UAV Program Updates, with Mitch Droz, Manager, Autonomous Systems Practice - Accenture Digital; Jacob Velky, Manager UAS - Duke Energy; Eric Bitzko, Technical Service Supervisor - Pedernales Electric Cooperative; Heath McLemore, Data Systems Engineer - NextEra/Florida Power & Light; James Pierce, Supervisor UAS Operations - Ameren; Dean Barefield, UAS Program Manager - Southern Company

Keynote - Enabling Real World BVLOS for Utilities and Oil & Gas, with Matt Dunlevy, President & CEO - SkySkopes; Eileen Lockhart, UAS Program Manager - Xcel Energy; Jim Williams, President - JHW Unmanned Solutions LLC; Andrew Hernandez, Strategy & Operations – Commercial UAS Solutions - Harris; Michael Clatworthy, UAS Operations Director - Avitas Systems; Kevin McGlaughlin, Senior EH&S Specialist, Hess Oil

Keynote - Connected Drones and the Real-Time Energy Enterprise; Dyan Gibbens, President - Trumbull Unmanned; Larry Barnard, UAS Governance - Chevron; James Pierce, Supervisor UAS Operations - Ameren; Danny Johnson, Product Marketing Director - Verizon; Mike Danielak, Director of UAS Strategy & Business Development - Skyward; Harry Nuttall, System Air Director and Unmanned Aerial Systems - Southern Company

Keynote - Autonomous Systems and Robotics Technology – Demonstrating Value to the Energy Industry: Challenging our Normal, with Sudhir Pai, Managing Director - Schlumberger (Former) / Chairman, Board of Directors - Technology Collaboration Center

Keynote - FAA Updates for Energy UAV Operations & Waivers, with Kerry Fleming, Airspace Security Specialist - FAA

Keynote - Waivers, Exemptions, and Certification: How to Get Permission to do What you Need in Energy Ops With Your Unmanned Aircraft, with Mark McKinnon, Partner - LeClair Ryan

Keynote - Lessons Learned - When Things go Wrong with UAVs/Robotics in Energy Operations, with Barrett Walker, Sr. ECM Business Analyst and SUAS Program Manager - Cheniere; Scott McGowan, CEO - Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions; Tracy Lamb, VP of Regulatory & Safety Affairs and Chief Pilot - AUVSI

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